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Daily Davey

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1806; day #3 v

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 Magnus Jørgensen


 Anna Ristuccia


London by voldy92

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by Anna Wood

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Japanese Marimo terrariums.

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Brewing Aurora by steinliland on Flickr.

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SEKAI; Merman AU
(in which Jongin was a merman who had fallen for a young prince named Sehun)
"Later Jongin…. Later my dear… When you have reached your eighteenth year, you will have permission to rise up out of the sea, to sit on the rocks in the moonlight, while the great ships are sailing by, and then you will see both forests and towns."

He remembered his grandmother said to him years ago when he was a child. Jongin had always imagined this day, the day when he could finally see the whole world rather than the same scenery underwater. He really liked it, he liked sitting on the rocks under the moonlight, it sort of became his habit, until one night he saw that boy. A boy who stole Jongin’s heart by a single glance of his eyes.

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Witch Krystal slaying your life.

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